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Biography:  Tom Gossett

You have made it to my biography page!  Thank you for visiting my website.  You hear the songs, see the photos, and watch the videos.  Now some background on the artist.

I have performed rock& roll, rhythm&blues, and country music covers for many years.  I have played with many different bands wearing many different hats.  I would play bass in one and possibly guitar in another.  At times I would sit in as the drummer.  Over the years I became accustomed to playing a number of instruments.  

I have not shared the stage with many famous artists, but I can say I have met some good people along the way, artists and non-artists alike.  We are all in this music thing together
whether we are the player or the listener.

I have been performing steadily in the Texas Hill Country, writing as many songs as possible, and getting ready to record my third album.  When the lyrics start to flow a tune is not far behind.  Could be another multi-genre collection.

Being an indie artist is a challenge and a hoot at the same time.  It is folks like you making the trip to my website to sample my music that makes it all worth while.

Thank you for listening,