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Biography Tom Gossett

Tom's interest with songwriting began with the desire to become a featured songwriter at one of the premier open stages in town. The requirements were the artist have a set number of original songs to preform in front of the crowd gathered at the venue.  In past years Tom had played with many different bands playing lists of copy songs by various artists popular at the time. Some Blues, some Rock and Roll and some Country/Western.  It was time to see what he could do with his own material.  After a period of time he had the required number of songs to be a featured artist. The problem and interesting outcome was there was not one type of genre. Tom's original songs were some Blues, some Rock and Roll and some Country/Western.  Tom preformed his original songs with an acoustic guitar as a featured songwriter at the venue.  As his list of original songs continued to grow, Tom began preforming around some of the local music venues mixing his songs with a number of copy tunes. The rest is history and up to today his songwriting still reflects the different types of music. 

After a period of time playing original songs with one acoustic guitar and vocals, Tom decided to enter the studio and record a some of his material.  The plan was to record the songs with a number of other musical instruments and not just acoustic guitar.  Entering the recording studio opened a whole new set of challenges.  Tom has a list of musical instruments he has played over the years including guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo (four string banjo) and bass. With a number of recording tracks available Tom had the ability to record most of the instruments one at a time required to complete each track for a possible album or single. He was also involved in other activities such as mixing, mastering and artwork involved in releasing new music to the public.

Tom has released two full CDs and a number of singles to the public and is currently involved in writing, recording and releasing new music .  He also continues to preform his songs one acoustic guitar and vocals at live venues.  Tom released his latest album Choppin and Sawin featuring 7 new songs and two previously released singles.

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